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Let's prepare for the disaster including a typhoon and the heavy rain

   A typhoon and the heavy rain bring a big disaster every year. There are not a homepage, the emergency broadcast system of the city and confirms the weather information such as warnings on a disaster prevention email and TV, a radio, and please warn him enough.
 Let's confirm the preparation to a disaster if we hear it to see news and the weather information that the danger of a typhoon and the heavy rain gets closer to.
 When a city opens a designated refuge, there are not a homepage, the emergency broadcast system of the city and will tell you by disaster prevention emails.

The preparation out of the house


Let's perform it before there is a heavy rain before wind becomes strong.

・A window and the sliding door lock it well and reinforce it as needed.

・I clean a gutter and the outlet port and make drainage better.

・The thing which seems to be flown by wind fixes it not to fly and stores it in a house.


The preparation of my wife

Confirmation of the emergency takeout article


Example of the emergency takeout article


・Emergency food such as a retort pouch, canned food, dry milk, the nursing bottle including drinking water, a biscuit and the cracker

・Mask, antiseptic solution, thermometer, ER doc medicine, household medicine, paper diaper, sanitary products

・Cash (as for the small change), seal including the bank book, identification card including the health insurance card

・Clothes, underwear, towel, sleeping bag, rain outfit, work gloves, shoes for the change of clothes

・Cell-phone, battery charger

・A knife, a tin opener, a pan and a water bottle, a flashlight, a radio, a battery, a rope, a match and writer, disposable Cairo, tissue, writing utensils, garbage bag

・A safety hood and helmet, spare glasses, hazard map, map


Safety measures from the room

I put scattering prevention films on the windowpane and will take down a curtain and a window shade for the diving of the missile of the emergency.

Securing of water

 Under the influence of damage or the blackout of the water supply facility with wind and the rain, a case to cut off water supply depending on a place is thought about.
 You reserve water for water outage, and please secure drinking water and life water.
 ・If I fill the bathtub with water and do it, it can inflect for hand-washing and restrooms.
 ・The drinking water, please store a share on 3rd. 3 liters of one per day is indications.

 In addition, the cooperation, please for saving water as it is thought about depending on the situation of the inundation, the blackout a trouble being reflected on the sewerage treatment.


Confirmation of the place of refuge

・I confirm dangerous place, evacuation site, refuge, an evacuation course in hazard map.

・The place of refuge examines the evacuation to home the second floor and safe relative, acquaintance's house only at the designated refuges such as a school or the community center.

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