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Let's prevent human rights violations about the new coronavirus!
Joint message ... from ... Izumo-shi and Izumo-shi anti-discrimination education, an enlightenment promotion meeting

-- that you must not have possibilities to hurt the dignity of the infected person

 The virus does not choose people. Have you thought that Asu yourself might be infected?

 At that time, your name if was living, and the workplace and a school, personal information totally irrelevant to infection were sent without permission in SNS; ...

 And it is for what slander slander, and is criticized for a reason to have been infected or even a family and the workplace and a school cannot go as well as yourself at the workplace and the school where have been troubled, and come to cannot but leave when live; and ...

 That is human rights violations obviously.
 I hurt dignity and the life of the infected person and become irreparable.

 It is not someone else's problem.
 It is a problem of your own.

 Do you have the idea?
 Do you not become an assailant, too?

 I cover it even if I think that I was infected with new coronavirus when such human rights violations happen without being able to talk with anyone and am connected for the next infection and enlarge it.

 Let's certainly stop that we injure dignity and the life of the person by intelligence and dispatch, the diffusion about the person infected with new coronavirus!
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