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Web accessibility policy

That,  on the Izumo-shi homepage, an elderly person and nobody including with the physical limitation are easy to use it and are provided in necessary information, "JIS X 8341-3 aim for the thing corresponding to Web contents, and, also, as for 2010 elderly people, people with a disability, apparatus, software in consideration design guideline - information and communication and service - Part 3" work on security and improvement of the accessibility to act in rational consideration demanded by the disability discrimination cancellation method.

Target range

 Izumo-shi homepage: In the page of subordinates, I intend for making, a page updating in CMS (content management system).

 I decide to try for the shift to the page using CMS about making, the page that I do not update in CMS.

The achievement class to aim for

It is conformity in 2010 Web accessibility achievement class AA  JIS X 8341-3

  A note: As for the notation called "the conformity" in our Web accessibility policy, "JIS X 8341-3 of Web contents depends on notation set in (URI on 2010 correspondence degree notation guidelines first edition - August 20, 2010" information and communication access meeting Web accessibility base Committee.

Exception matter

 About the information using service of Google, outside services such as YouTube and SNS, it follows the policy of the service provider.

The achievement standard to add

In addition to a standard of  achievement of Web accessibility class A and the AA, it shall support the following achievement standards.

 (1) The achievement standard (class AAA) about the flash of light of three times of

 (2) The achievement standard (class AAA) about the present position

Test result

 Page (March, 2016) of the accessibility diagnosis test result
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