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Refuge map

I move to the page of the refuge map (the outside site)

※About the role of each refuge, please see explanation as follows.

Designated refuge icon With the designated refuge of Izumo-shi

It is urgent and, at the time of time and the disaster occurrence that a disaster might produce, evacuates and is a place securing personal security. In addition, it becomes the facility where I can stay in by the situation of the disaster for a certain period of time. (e.g.,: the gymnasia of the school)
※I will tell you about the establishment by Izumo-shi homepage, emergency broadcast system, loudspeaker van.


Designated urgent evacuation site icon With the designated urgent evacuation site at the time of the earthquake disaster of Izumo-shi

It is urgent and, at the time of earthquake disaster occurrence, evacuates and is a place securing personal security. (e.g.,: a park, an open space)
※Please evacuate to the nearest place where you can evacuate to safely regardless of the outside in the area to live.


The welfare refuge icon With the welfare refuge

It is the facility for an elderly person and a person with a disability having difficulty in life as an evacuee at refuges such as the school facilities which a city appointed. After, at first, having evacuated to the designated refuge which a city opened, in evacuation, please move to the welfare refuge.

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