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The mayor profile

Mayor Izumo photograph
     Hideto Nagaoka  

■Native place        Izumo-shi, Shimane
■The date of birth      February 5, 1951 (Showa 26)
■Educational background        Okayama University letter of the law department law subject graduation
 Instructor 1975 (1975) April Ministry of Justice legal affairs 
 The 1977 (1977) September Hirata-shi staff
 The 1999 (1999) July Hirata-shi deputy mayor
 2003 (2003) April Mayor Hirata
 2005 (2005) March Mayor Izumo duties performer
 The 2005 (2005) May Izumo-shi deputy mayor
 2007 (2007) April Izumo-shi deputy mayor
 2009 (2009) April Mayor Izumo
 2013 (2013) April Mayor Izumo (the reappointment)
 2017 (2017) April Mayor Izumo (the reappointment)

 Reading …

 Go …


  Watching games…

 Reading takes advantage of spare times such as the moving time for business trip mainly. The genres such as a novel, a specialized magazine, a magazine, comics do not matter to the book to pick up. As for the novel, the modern novel, historical novel, specialized magazine read the field of physics and chemistry willingly. I have read the comic book since childhood, and there is the thing which I continue subscribing to from the first issue to date among them.

 As the Go reads a former point; of the head do gymnastics. As a partner is necessary, unfortunately, unlike reading, there are a lot none by time limitation at an opportunity of the play.
 Golf continues it for about 40 years, but it is best as well as Go at time to spare a play, and there is not much number of the annual rounds. I entrust in excess power and increased score, but keep that I swing flexibly in mind recently in one's youth. During a play, it enjoys the conversation with the companion, and it is the powerful charm of golf that can be refreshed. I think that score is not all.
 There is watching sports on the basis of the watching games at the live. I watch a game of wide competitions such as baseball, soccer, valley, table tennis, golf without being particular about an event. The international meeting reduces sleeping hours and enjoys play in the local time, and days of the lack of sleep continue during the world meeting period including the Olympics Paralympics. On the other hand, I get big vitality from a sense of reality and a sense of oppression, the single-mindedness of the player.


Photograph of the State of the State message The presentation ceremony of the carp streamer of the children handicraft Discussion meeting with the student
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The carp streamer presentation ceremony of the children handicraft  Discussion meeting with the student


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