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Greetings [Mayor Izumo] of the mayor appointment

  Mayor Izumo Hideto Nagaoka


I aim at "the cheerful local city Izumo leading economy, culture of San-in"

   In this mayoral election, I have the confidence of citizen's all of you and will take the third municipal administration. I feel size of the expectation sent by all of you and feel that the body is tightened to the mission and weight of the responsibility some other time.
 "Promotion of the open municipal administration" placed "financial administration without forcing it to a high burden in the next generation" as basics of the municipal administration administration and pushed forward a measure for the domiciliation including job creation and the maintenance of the urban infrastructure until now. There was the result, too, and Izumo-shi was able to carry out population growth of the prefecture one and only in a national census in 2015 while the Japanese whole met the era of depopulation.
 In this way, I will go for "cheerful local city Izumo leading economy, culture of San-in" while Izumo-shi comprising few high potential in other cities, and nature, history, culture, industry fully drawing the potence of each field in the municipal administration administration for the third quarter, and fighting against the flow of the nationwide population decline.
 To that end, at first, I create various employment that can choose an occupation to hope for so that young people carrying the future can describe a dream and fix the environment to support that oneself aims at the company. In addition, I have in late years you live toward many foreigners, but I have them participate in local town development and will aim at the realization of the multicultural symbiosis society which can become the industrial leading figure.
 In addition, in this April, an area mainly on Taisha, the Hinomisaki was authorized to "an inheritance of Japan". I disseminate information of genuine nature and culture of the Izumo positively outside the country taking the opportunity of this and will lay emphasis on sightseeing measures.
 I think that it is an important period to control the future of Izumo-shi for coming four years. I will work toward realization of Izumo-shi that can realize that it was good that citizen's all of you live here with every effort.
 I would like your understanding and cooperation.

 May 19, 2017

                                           Mayor Izumo Hideto Nagaoka

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