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The present position: Top page > Civic living > Room of the mayor > Policy suggestion day ... of mayor and contact talk> mayor and contact talk - me

The present position: Top page > Civic living > Civic voice > Policy suggestion day ... of mayor and contact talk> mayor and contact talk - me

Policy suggestion day ... of mayor and contact talk - me

 Do you not talk with the mayor about municipal administration directly?
The mayor photograph

 The mayor gives a frank exchange of opinions with citizen's everybody about municipal administration and, as a place letting you reflect the opinion that you had to municipal administration, arranges "the mayor and the contact talk".
  Using "the mayor and a contact talk", do you not talk with the mayor directly?

※"The mayor and the contact talk" are places of the civic information exchange with all of you and are not a place of the face-to-face talk such as a petition, a request, the complaint. In addition, I decline it about the person proposed to frequently.

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■The date

 Thursday, October 29, 2020 10:00-12:00
  ※Principle once a month
  ※As, depending on the infection situation of the new coronavirus infectious disease, there is held できがない case,
   Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

■Venue  Central government office meeting room
■Deadline for application

 Until Thursday, October 22, 2020 17:00

■Eligible people  It is a group, the group within five more than residence or working two people in the city
 ※About the suggestion in individuals, please use "the mayor post".
■The visiting hours  Less than 30 minutes per 1 group
■Application method  The advance reservations over the telephone are necessary. (principle first-come-first-served basis) (please see the following application method) 
■Exhibition of meeting contents  The contents of the meeting release the in principle summary on a city homepage.
 A staff of public relations section attends it to record the content of talks. 

[application method]

  Apply on the telephone to the public relations section.
  (by mail, FAX, the email I cannot apply)

   A telephone: (0853) 21-8578 (the public relations section)

  ・I ask you about a full name (group name), an address, contact information, the number of participants, main contents.
  ・Within five days before the date, please submit a suggestion summary.
  ・It should be a first-come-first-served basis, but gives priority to the first person to have many people have a talk. 

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The department of general policy public relations section
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