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I sell a meal ticket with restaurant support premium of the Izumo! [industrial policy section]

  I sell "a restaurant support premium meal ticket of the Izumo belonging to" to rouse the consumption of citizen's all of you in Izumo-shi, and to support the sales recovery of the big affected city restaurant under the influence of new coronavirus infectious disease expansion.
 I will tell you as all all of the meal ticket issuance budgets (family nurturer) proposed the purchase to by additional revision might purchase the number of the groups according to the application.
 I send a payment notice for the price payment to each household from the end of July.
 If a payment notice arrives, I would appreciate your paying it by [deadline of the delivery of Monday, August 31, 2020] strict observance in the financial institution [※ Japan Post Bank (post office) is excluded] to list in a payment notice.
 As you consider that the purchase was canceled when it is past deadline of the delivery, please be careful.
 I send a meal ticket and list of finger permanent stores flyer some other time as soon as I can confirm payment through a financial institution.
 In addition, city officials and a trust supplier visit the collection of money directly in the home, and please be careful as you cannot demand the transfer in the cashpoint.

Summary of the meal ticket with restaurant support premium of 1 Izumo  
Name   Meal ticket with restaurant support premium of the Izumo
Publisher  Izumo-shi
The purchase eligible people  Izumo citizen (by a report as of June 29, 2020 in Izumo-shi with the resident registration)
Face value 5,000 yen (*10 sheet of 500 yen ticket) per one set
Sales price 3,000 yen per one set
The issuance total number  50,000 sets
The purchase limit  For one to three sets
Period of service  From August 7, 2020 to December 31, 2020 (plan)
The restaurant which I can use  The restaurant which registered a finger permanent store in Izumo-shi 

Method for purchase of 2 meals ticket

(1) I mail "a meal ticket purchase application with restaurant support premium of the Izumo" to all households in the beginning of July.
(2) You put an 84-yen stamp on the purchase application which arrived after filling out the requirements, and apply for the person proposed the purchase of the meal ticket to by mail.
    Except the purchase application including a telephone, an email, the postcard cannot apply.
    [the purchase application time limit: a postmark on Wednesday, July 22 on that day effectively]
 ※When the number of the purchase application groups exceeds the issuance total number, I am going to draw lots.
(3) I mail the payment notice which settled the purchase price to family nurturer to the purchase decider. [early August]
(4) Please pay the price (number of the groups *3,000 yen) for all the households to a payment notice in the financial institution with mention.
(5) I mail a meal ticket from the person who was able to confirm payment sequentially. [after the beginning of August]

Store [finger permanent store] which is available for the use of 3 meals ticket
・The restaurants such as a restaurant, a restaurant, a bar, the snack in the city.
 List of finger permanent stores (at July 30) ※I update it at any time until the beginning of September.

・I send the finger permanent store table which printed paper to the mail of the meal ticket.

Instructions on using 4 meals ticket  
・This ticket is available only in the finger permanent store of the meal ticket with restaurant support premium of the Izumo.
・As the change by the use does not pay to this ticket, please use it for eating and drinking face amount or more.
・As you cannot use this ticket when it is past a period of service, please use it early.
・I cannot use damage or the damaged ticket remarkably.
・This ticket cannot refund it.
・I prohibit the resale of this ticket.
・For the loss or theft of this ticket or loss, the city does not bear the responsibility at all.
・With eating and drinking ticket (Shimane issuance) with Shimane premium and the Izumo-shi tourism support coupon (Izumo-shi issuance) can use it together.  

5 references (the purchase application point)
  The meal ticket secretariat (Izumo-shi the fourth floor of the government office 401 meeting room) with Izumo-shi premium
  Reception hours weekdays 8:30-17:00   
  Phone number 0853-21-6760 FAX number 0853-21-6776

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