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I e-mail disaster prevention without being

◆With "I am not disaster prevention email"
 The disaster prevention information such as weather warning or the earthquake in Izumo-shi to tell you about in an emergency broadcast system
 It is mail delivery service to tell your cell-phone or PC about.
 It is necessary to register an e-mail address beforehand.

◆The person who can register
 Anyone can register if there are any a cell-phone, the e-mail addresses including the PC.

◆Information to deliver
 [weather information] ※The information that I chose is delivered.
  ・Earthquake information (when I observe higher than seismic intensity of 3 in prefectural Tobu) 
  ・Tsunami information (tsunami warning, tsunami advisory)
  ・Weather information (all weather warning, record short time heavy rain information)
  ・Hazardous wind watch
  ・Landslide alert information
  ・Flood warnings and advisories for designated rivers (the Hii River, Kandogawa)
  ※About the warning, I am delivered to all the people who enrolled in a disaster prevention email especially without being.
 [disaster prevention information] ※I am delivered to all the people who enrolled in a disaster prevention email without being.
  ・Evacuation information (when I announce the evacuation advisories, I deliver it to the city)
  ・Refuge establishment information (when I open a designated refuge in the city, I deliver it)
  ・Other disaster prevention information


  ・About the e-mail address that I collected, I do not use it in a use except this mail delivery.
  ・The use of this service is free, but the communication costs become the user burden.
  ・When the email that transmitted from this service becomes the error and comes back,
   I may adopt a cancellation procedure
for use.
  ・I do not accept the reply to a delivered email.
  ・You choose the address (URL) of mention for a reply email at registration, and, about the details, please confirm it.

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Phone number 0853-21-6606
An FAX number: 0853-21-6574
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