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I raise homepage banner ads

I raise Izumo-shi homepage banner ads.
As for the desired person, please see the following by a publication.

An insertion place and the number of the publication frames

[publication page] 

 ・Top page
  A URL:

 ・List of attention information

  A URL:

 ・List of latest information

  A URL:

[the number of the publication frames]
 ・A top page: 15 frames
 ・Others: It is 10 frames each
  ※I give priority to an advertisement (in the case of the same period application order) having a long publication period and I accept it from the upper section left side and publish the publication place sequentially.

The number of the access to the Izumo-shi homepage (top page)

 About 800,000 a year (2016-2018 average)

Insertion charges

 ・A top page: Monthly basis 10,000 yen
 ・Others: Monthly basis 5,000 yen
  ※I can publish all monthly.

Standard of the advertisement

 ・50*140 pixel of size
 ・Format JPEG
 ・10KB in capacity or less

 ※The contents of the advertisement and the linked page cannot publish the following thing.

  1.Or a thing violating laws and ordinances can cause it
  2.Or a thing against public order and morals can cause it
  3.Or a thing becoming the human rights violations can cause it
  4.Of the political nature there is it
  5.Of the religiousness there is it
  6.I deal with the specific principles and policies about the social problem
  7.Business card advertisement of an individual or the corporation
  8.I might injure beautiful sight natural beauty
  9.I might give sense of the public unpleasantness or harm
 10. I admit that it is inappropriate as an advertisement thing to place in other advertising media

   For more details, please see the homepage insertion point.

Flow until an application method and a publication

 1.You fill in the requirements on Izumo-shi homepage application, and please submit a required document after attachment to the public relations section.

   ・Izumo-shi homepage insertion application
   ※You download it from the lower page, and please use it.

  [necessary attached documents]
   ・Company profile brochures (thing to understand of the summary)
   ・Proof of there not being nonpayment about the city tax payment situation
   (certificates fill out grant applications, and please attach a certificate issued at a Municipal Tax Division window.
    A representative mark and a fee are necessary.)

   〒693-8530 70, Imaichicho, Izumo-shi, Shimane
   The department of Izumo-shi government office synthesis policy public relations section

 2.After the application reception desk, I decide the right or wrong of the insertion and send a decision notification.

 3.You have you pay advertisement charges within two weeks from a decision notice day, and please submit an insertion written consent.

 4.Please submit a banner image.

 5.A banner ad is published on the publication start date.

   In the case of the application, please see the homepage insertion point.



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